Grievance Cell

The Ministry of Human Resource Development [MHRD], Government of India has emphasized that there is a need to structure the mechanism for online registration as well as disposal of the grievances of students,/faculty/stakeholders in every Institution approved by AICTE. In view of the above, our college put in place an online mechanism for registering and disposing of grievances. This mechanism has the following objectives to be fulfilled:

  1. This AICTE approved Technical Institution should be able to receive and dispose of the grievances online.
  2. The Institutions has a notice board/flex board fixed near the office of the Principal, indicating the details of online Grievance Redressal Mechanism i.e. URL of the online Grievance Redressal [Portal, names, contact nos. and e-mail IDs of members of the Grievance committee, to ensure publicity/awareness of the establishment of Grievance Redress Mechanism/Students Grievances Portal. This would help speedy redressal of the grievances and obviate/reduce the urge to lodge the grievance on the portal.
  3. An online monthly status report regarding the number of grievances received, disposed off and pending on the last day of the previous month will be informed to AICTE.
  4. Non-registration of grievances on the portal of the Institution resulting in more number of grievances being registered on the pg.portal of Central Government which would be an indication that the grievance redress mechanisrn of the respective institution/organisation is not working properly to the satisfaction of the petitioners.