Department of Applied Science & Humanities

Mathematics and Physics

Mathematics is the foundation of all engineering problems. Also it provides strong base for the problem solving and analytical thinking which all engineers needs. All offered subjects comprises of mathematical methods and techniques that are useful in almost all branches of engineering. Mathematics consists of mainly Calculus, Linear Algebra & Vector Calculus, Differential Equations, Complex Analysis, Transform Theory, Numerical Methods, Engineering Optimization and Statistical Methods.

Physics is the study of nature and natural phenomenon and it explains the world around us. With repeated experiments and observations, certain laws and theories can be derived. Mathematics plays very important role to generalize the laws of physics, it can be utilized for optimization of certain devices of various branches of engineering viz. mechanical, electrical, electronics and communication, computer as well as civil. Advanced engineering materials like metallic glasses, Nano materials, shape memory alloys and bio materials explained in engineering physics are the recent thirst of research in modern engineering. Graduates will have substantial experience with laboratory methods, data analysis, and computation.

Communication Skills

When the major world countries are getting old, India is growing young. This may turn into dividend if youths become skilled. The gap between what is taught to the students and what the industry demands urgently need to be bridged. In order to cater the needs of the industries, the college puts earnest efforts to make the budding engineers be capable of meeting challenges of the modern industry. They are motivated to have a deep sense of quality, work ethics, leadership skills, interpersonal skills, team work and creative thinking. Development of Communication skills whether they be a part of curricula or not is treated a significant aspect of the overall development of students' personality. Since technical education in India has an essential role to play in social and economic development of the nation, principles of effective communication skills are inculcated in the engineers coming out of the institute.