The CVM University is pioneering in starting new academic courses to produce graduates who will be employable in the sector that presently has high demand. This is reflected by the fact that at CVM University, we are offering various undergraduate programs in engineering such as Automobile, Chemical, Civil, Computer, Electrical, Electronics & Communication, Food Processing Technology, Information Technology, Mechanical and Mechatronics. Looking to the current need of an hour, CVM University has decided to offer specialized certificate courses with a focus on integrating knowledge and methods from different disciplines using real synthesis of interdisciplinary approaches. Interdisciplinary courses can help students to drive engineering career forward by preparing them with a broader set of skills. Students get to design their own studies along with their specialization degree course, so that they can be more competitive and suitable to companies that are looking for engineering candidates with a well-rounded set of skills. Also it enhances and builds students into freethinkers, open communicators, knowledgeable citizens, and respectable individuals.

At CVM University , we believe to focus on creating critical, creative thinkers that transform into citizens devoted to service, education, and acceptance of Society. Hence, the certificate courses are designed with an innovative combination of assignment and experience based learning with in-person assessment. They will be a game changer in the field of engineering disciplines in the coming years.