Industry Institute Interaction Cell

At GCET, innovation meets industry at the crossroads of academia, propelling us toward a future where collaboration ignites transformation. The Industry Institute Interaction Cell (IIIC) serves as a pivotal platform for fostering meaningful collaboration between academia and industry. Established with the vision of bridging the gap between theoretical learning and practical industry requirements, the IIIC endeavours to create a conducive environment for mutual exchange and growth. The IIIC aims to cultivate a culture of innovation, entrepreneurship, and industry-relevant education by facilitating dynamic interactions between faculty members, students, and industry professionals.

1. To synchronize the quality of education to meet the requirements of industry, to enhance employability.
2. To integrate practical industrial training seamlessly into academic learning.
3. To explore common avenues for fruitful interaction between academia and industry.
4. To foster a culture of research and innovation among students and faculty members.
5. To establish convergence with industrial and research organizations from various fields through strategic partnerships and MoUs.
6. To invite industry professionals for guest lectures, workshops, and seminars for more insights into industrial processes and requirements.
7. To interact with industry experts and assist faculty in developing industry-oriented courses and research projects.
8. To solicit regular feedback from industry partners and academia to assess the effectiveness of collaboration efforts and identify areas for improvement.
9.To conduct periodic reviews of collaborative projects and initiatives to evaluate their impact and alignment with the comprehensive goals of the IIIC.