Cultural Activity

Cultural activities develop the social interaction of students with the most diversified backgrounds. They are responsible for the overall development of a student. Our country has been a land of culture since ages. These activities not only increase the level of confidence amongst the students but also helps them gain a sense of self awareness. Moreover, they help students recognize their talents and channelize them towards a positive direction. It helps them achieve a holistic development which, GCET believes, is the most important step towards a successful career. College is responsible for shaping their student's life and at GCET we devote ourselves in developing the stature of our students such that they are never laid back in any phase of their lives. Following the words inscribed in rig Veda our motto is "let the good come from all direction".

GCET has been an active participant and enthusiast of cultural activities including theatres, music, fine arts, dance and literature. Institute has a rich history of cultural endeavors. The dedication and commitment to this is evident from the list of awards and accolades the college has received in the past. GCET has excelled at different levels of competition including Zonal Level, Inter Zonal level, West Zone level and National level. GCET has been the Champion for multiple times in the youth festivals organized under the realm of past University and in Volcano cultural festivals organized by Rotary Club. Since its affiliation with Gujarat Technological University (GTU), GCET has won the GTU Inter Zonal Youth Fest, popularly known as "XITIJ", multiple times proving its mettle every time it brought home the Champions' trophy.

With a pool of skilled students coming every year, the college makes sure to refine these skills and put it to the best use with mentoring from dedicated faculty. Having made a significant mark in every popular cultural dimension, GCET proudly calls itself a cultural hub and an incubator of talent.