Online Fees Payment

Payment of tuition Fee for all Student of 2, 3 and 4 year Batch and 2 year of PG Students(except TFWS and Free ship card students)

This is to inform that all UG and PG students should pay their fee for the second semester of Academic year 2020-21 by three instalments through only online mode by HDFC portal.

The details are as under

A. If selected branch is UG

Installment Amount Rs. Due date
First Rs. 19,000/- 15/01/2021
Second Rs. 20,000/- 15/02/2021
Third Rs. 20,500/- 15/03/2021

B. If selected branch is PG

Installment Amount Rs. Due date
First Rs. 21,500/- 15/01/2021
Second Rs. 22,500/- 15/02/2021
Third Rs. 23,000/- 15/03/2021
To Read the Terms & Conditions for online fees payment : Click Here

Steps for online payment of Fees