Application of Electromagnetic

        It was on topic of applications of electromagnetic in Electrical Engineering. Almost every second year student from EE department participated in this event. Topics like relay, machines, maglev train, application of waves, Higgs boson, magnetic levitation, locomotive and linear induction motor etc. were presented. A poster on each topic was developed by a group of three to four students. A fields like introduction, methodology/basic concept, advantages, disadvantages and core application of respective topic was presented by each group. The event was coordinated by Dr. Falgun Thakkar and Prof. Mayank Ardeshana of department of Electronics and Communication. The event was supported by Electronics and Communication and Electrical Engineering Departments of G H Patel College of Engineering and Technology V V Nagar along with ISTE student chapter of GCET V V Nagar. Mr. Naitik and Mr. Hardik Jani, students of second year electrical managed the event as student coordinators. They have been nicely arranged each mode of event as per the direction of the faculty coordinators. The posters were evaluated by Prof. Geetali Saha and Prof. Samir Trapasiya of Electronics and Communication Engineering Department of GCET. During valedictory of the presentation, faculty members have delivered the feedback regarding poster preparation and motivate the participants for their bright future.

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Department: ISTE Student Chapter