Dr. Himanshu Soni

Dr. Vipul Shah

Mathematical Methods Applied to Engineering

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We at GCET feel that an undergraduate student should utilize their extra time constructively. auditing a class is one way to do so. This will help students to expand their knowledge without the burden of assignments, university exam etc. This academic option has become increasingly popular among all college students. This type of course can provide you an opportunity to explore a topic that you have always been interested in. This might also be useful to mention in the placement interview or SOP for the further study abroad. In this connection we are offering the above mentioned course for the benefit of the students.

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A student of second, third or fourth year can register for this course

Duration:20 Hour


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1 Modeling using ordinary differential equations, linear and nonlinear (ODEs), Partial differential equations (PDEs) (Heat equation, Wave equation, deflection of beams etc)
2 Laplace Transforms applied to engineering (Damped Vibrations, Response of an RC-Circuit to a single rectangular wave, Response of an RLC-Circuit to a sinusoidal input acting over a time interval, Mass-Spring system under a square wave, mixing problem involving two tanks etc)
3 Matrices (Matrices in modelling network, Electrical Network), Some applications of eigenvalue problems ( Stretching of elastic membrane, eigenvalue problems arising from Markov processes, Leslie model, vibrating system of two masses on two springs), QR decomposition
4 Fourier Series and Fourier Transforms (periodic rectangular wave, half wave rectifier, forced oscillations, Gibbs phenomenon, heat equation solved by Fourier series)
5 Probability and Statistics: Random variables, Random processes, different distributions and applications (waiting time problem, parking problem using Poisson distribution), stochastic processes applied to signal processing.