Dr. Mehul Gor

Fundamentals of Robotics

About Course

Robotics is an emerging field of research. Now-a-days robots have taken its remarkable position in the development of industrial application. Robot has changed the structure of society and allowed us for safer and comfortable condition. Robotics is a multidisciplinary area, concerned to mechanical, mechatronics, automobile, production and many more disciplines. This audit course is designed considering the gaps in the current curriculum. This course will introduce the basic principles of robotics and its applications. Topics will include fundamentals of robotics, kinematics and dynamics of robot, trajectory planning of robots, sensors and end effectors used in robots.

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Target Audience:

Third and Final Year Mechanical/Mechatronics students

Duration:10 Hour


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1 Introduction to Robotics and its application
2 Fundamental of Robotics
3 Forward Kinematics and Inverse Kinematics
4 DH Parameter
5 Dynamic Modeling: Lagrange Euler Approach and Newton Euler Approach
6 Trajectory Generation
7 Sensors in Robotics
8 Grippers in Robotics