Dr. Samir Trapasiya

Advance IoT Applications

About Course

In recent days IoT is emerging as a very promising area of research and application of IoT is emerging at very rapid rate. These applications posses various challenges and demanding many opportunistic solutions for deployment of IoT for ubiquitious and harsh environment. This course is basically designed to generate interest in the students about the recent advancement in the field of IoT and wireless sensor network. The course basically cover the in depth study of infratructure of IoT, various sensors and communication Protocols. The course covers the thrust area of IoT including localization, cargo monitoring, autonomous vehicle, smart city, AUV path planning, wireless charging , pollution monitoring and energy harvesting. This course also includes the basic introduction of basic software and implementation of basic Algorithm. The students will be acquinted by the IoT application, their challenges ,solutions and recent advancement in the field of IoT by this course.

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Target Audience:

2nd & 3rd level EC, CE and IT students.

Duration:10 Hour


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1 Introduction of IoT: Infrastructure, Hardware ,Software and Communication Protocols
2 Localization in WSN 1: Various approaches of Localization, Various Sensors like Hall Sensors, Lidar, Radar , Ultrasonic sensors and their application.
3 Localization in WSN 2: Accurate Localization by the sensors like Gyro sensors, Magnetometer sensors, RFID and their applications.
4 IoT in Autonomous Vehicle :Power Train, Platoon effect and introduction of various sensors like MAP, MAF, RRP , O2 and various engine sensors and their interconnectivity.
5 Pollution Monitoring Sensors: Introduction of Various pollution monitoring sensors, AQI calculation. Various Calibration methods, Challenges and outcomes
6 Path Planning of AUV or Robots and Cargo Monitoring: Various Path Planning approaches for Robots and AUV in various Hazardous and Ubiquitous environment. Various Cargo monitoring methods.
7 IoT Applications: The application of IoT in Major area like smart city, Agriculture, Home automation and industry and their challenges.
8 Energy Harvesting Methods in WSN : Introduction of Various Energy Harvesting methods and models with reference to the recent research.