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Dr. Mukesh Bhesaniya

Prof. Chintan Patel

Prof. Sachin Patel

Prof. Kaushal Shah

Fundamentals of HVDC Transmission & FACTS

About Course

Presently, power demand is increased day by day. So, it is essential to develop a reliable and efficient transmission network to handle a huge amount of power generated at power plants. To transmit a bulk power to the load centers, HVDC transmission system is preferred to HVAC network for a number of advantages. Also, in HVAC lines, FACTS devices are used to improve the performance of the network and to compensate the reactive power. None of the subjects offered by GTU covers the mentioned topics in EE. The proposed course will provide a platform to the students to understand the concepts of HVDC transmission and FACTS.

About Faculty:

Target Audience:

3rd year Electrical Engineering students

Duration:16 Hour


Sr No Content
1 Introduction to HVDC Transmission
2 HVDC Converters and HVDC System Control
3 Reactive Power Compensation and FACTS
4 Laboratory session
8 Data Visualization – Introduction, Need of Data Visualization, Matplotlib library