Expert talk on Industrial Experience with Android Technology


Information Technology Department of G H Patel College of Engineering and Technology (GCET), a Charutar Vidya Mandal institute, Vallabh Vidyanagar, organized an expert talk on “Industrial Experience with Android Technology”, which was conducted by Dr. Nikhil Gondaliya Professor & Head and Prof. Deven A. Gol, Assistant Professor, IT department at GCET on 19th January 2019 under TechknowTalk Club. This expert talk was specially organized for the second and third year students of IT department for understanding scenario of Industry work.

The speaker started the seminar with the basic concepts of Android and by talking about the vast environment of Android development. She then talked about how application is developed in industry. In this session students developed a basic understanding of android development and also got to know about the job opportunities present in this field. The seminar ended with a Question and Answer session in which students showed their interest in learning more about software development life cycle.

She explained how to design UI in android with a demo app, types of layouts, and some android components like services, GCM Google cloud messaging etc. And in SDLC she talked about how communication is done between developers and customers in a corporation and how to interact with clients to ask questions to clients so that developed app is up to the mark.

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Department: Information Technology