PRAPAMBH, The GCET Project club, was founded on 18th July, 2007 to host events about the broad culture of engineering in a workshop based setting. The aim of the club is to involve young engineers in the challenges and fun of science, technology and engineering by encouraging them to exercise their skills in practical world through working as a team. PRAPAMBH provides technical assistance to the students participating in various technical events. Activities included a series of workshop on all facets of engineering. PRAPAMBH is an intersection of all engineering disciplines, broadening and strengthening individual member’s impact and providing collective knowledge pool for engineering. It is the coalescing forum providing the individual member with an integrated, unified platform for developing engineering skills. Scintillations, arm controller, infinity, the fundas of contraption, Aurora of robotics 1,2,3 and 4, ABC of robowars, introduction to PLC, Tech fest enigma, Arduino – A controller, Arm Controller, ABC of ROBOCON, Drafting through CAD are some of the workshops amd events organized under the banner of PRARAMBH. Since its inception almost 4000 students had taken technical advice and guidance from PRARAMBH in order to enhance their technical skills. The club runs with the zeal of enthusiastic faculties along with team of students. The team members of PRARAMBH club have participated in numerous events organized by various colleges in different states across the country like DDIT, CIT-CHANGA, M.S.UNIVERSITY, NIRMA UNIVERSITY, PDPU, IIT-BOMBAY, IIT- CHENNAI, SVNIT, SVIT- VASAD, IIT-KHARAGPUR, VIDHYOG-11,VIHYOG-08 , ROBOCON (12,13,14) and many other places. Let us join our hands together to bring glory to the engineering world and helping the mankind.