Innovative Prototype Design Challenge

        An Innovative Design Challenge was introduced first time in the G. H. Patel College of Engineering and Technology by the ASME Student section. In this COVID ’19 pandemic a refreshment extravaganza was needed for the students to showcase their design skills and by considering that, this design challenge provides a very good platform for students to engage themselves in different CAD software . ASME Student section is always looking forward to grasp every opportunity and thereby in the situation like this where students are taking their valuable education in the online mode, so taking this as a different opportunity we have created a design challenge for the students. The topic of this challenge is “INNOVATIVE HEALTH CARE PRODUCTS “ which can be used in the fight against the coronavirus which is an invisible enemy of the human race and we have to fight with it with the help of application of engineering principles and by innovating new products for the welfare of the human race.

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