SSIP Awareness Webinar : "Innovation and Start-up in Entrepreneurship"

        A webinar was organized by Dr. Mehu Gor under SSIP on " Innovation and Start-up in Entrepreneurship" on 4th September 2020. Innovation is the key to success in business. Any start-up with innovative ideas can get success. In this webinar, students were getting acquainted with the terms innovation, start-up, and entrepreneurship. Qualities required to be a successful entrepreneur are discussed in detail. The difference between job and business also discussed. In the end, the Student Startups and Innovation Policy (SSIP) is discussed. SSIP is the initiative of the Government of Gujarat that aims to promote institute based ecosystems to support innovations and ideas of young students and provide a conducive environment for properly harnessing their creative pursuit. Awareness of this policy is spread through this seminar. Students were guided to grab this opportunity and motivated to apply for SSIP funds.
Department: Mechanical Engineering