Alumni Talk: Harsh Dhanesha : Researcher, Germany: "Being-Unique mechatronic"

        Second-level, Third-level and Fourth-level mechatronics students were introduced with our alumni, Mr. Harsh Dhanesha. He had completed his Master in Mechatronics from Hamburg, Germany with specialization in intelligent system and robotics. His research area is industrial IoT and model based systems engineering for production solution in aerospace industry. He is working for innovation and optimization of production techniques pertaining to processing of carbon fibers with focus on machine and cloud communication. Presently he is working in Germany at CTC GmbH, an Airbus company. He shared his college life with students and culture of Germany colleges. The importance of hand on Experience, making hobby projects and giving technical Workshops would help him in making a strong carrier, was discussed with students. He describes the importance of team work and how to balance academics & co curricular activities. How to improve Communication Skills, How to take advantages of Online Courses are motivated students to do that. The most informative was about Selection of the Country as well as the courses.

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Department: Mechatronics Engineering