Online Short-Term Training Programme on Statistical Analysis using R Programming

        Online Short-Term Training Programme on Statistical Analysis using R Programming held during March 22-26, 2021. Dr. Vipul R Shah, Convener and Head of A S & H department formally welcomed the participants and explained the details right from the inception at thought level to implementation on the day of execution of the programme. Principal, Dr. Himanshu B Soni, joined with inputs pertaining to our Charutar Vidya Mandal University and their immense support extended to our institution, covering different facets of progress. He also emphasized upon the importance of the STTP in the research field. Dr. Foram M Joshi and Prof. Mukesh T Joshi were the Co-conveners of the program. The focus of the program was training of teaching faculty, Research students and PG students pull in the state of Gujarat. ‘R’ is an open-source language. It is used in statistical applications involving data science and other allied fields. This workshop was aimed to cultivate the problem-solving ability of the participants using this wonderful tool. All the sessions of Online Short-Term Training Programme were delivered by Dr. R D Chaudhari and Dr. P B Shah. They covered various topics on Statistical Analysis and R programming like: Introduction to R programming and R- studio, Basics of Statistics, Parametric Tests Using R, Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) Using R, Non-parametric Hypothesis Testing Using R, Simple Linear Regression Using R, Multiple Linear Regression Using R. Total 83 people participated actively in this Online Short-Term Training Programme.

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Department: Applied Science & Humanities