Awareness seminar on "Energy Swaraj Yatra"

        Department of Electrical Engineering has organized a seminar on Awareness about Energy Swaraj Yatra by Dr. Chetan Singh Solanki, Professor, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. Dr. Solanki is on mission to spread awareness about the energy conservation and usage of solar energy through “Energy Swaraj Yatra” across the country. Energy Swaraj Yatra is planned across the country starting from October 2020 until December 2030, nearly 11 years long yatra, to create Energy Swaraj as public movement. The Yatra sets to bring a philosophical understanding and practical acceptance in society, at large, for the adoption of the solar solutions in a disciplined manner for fulfilling 100% energy needs. Dr. Solanki emphasized on AMG- Avoid, Minimize, Generate to encourage the people to conserve the energy and reduce the green houses gases emission for the better environmental conditions.

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Department: Electrical Engineering