Virtual industrial tour to Hi- Bond Cement

        A Virtual Industrial visit to Hi-Bond Cement (India) Pvt ltd., Rajkot was organized on 12/10/2020 for 2nd, 3rd and 4th year students of Mechatronics department. This visit was organized by student coordinator Shrey Bechara and Bhautik Bhaliya under the guidance of faculty coordinator Prof. Tejas Patel and Prof. Pathik Patel. The Company Manufactures OPC Cement, 53 grade Cement, Special Hi-Bond Cement and Clinker. The plant consist of 3 production mill and has a capacity of producing 1.3 Million tons per annum of cement. This plant has spread its wings over a vast land of 3, 66,000 sq.mtrs. Now company is all geared up to expand its plant capacity to 1.8 Million tons per annum and is also planning to set a grinding unit in Maharashtra of 1 Million tons per annum. Overall it was a great virtual visit where we can connect the theories and can have extra important information. We thank the industry for giving us the opportunity to appear and see all the different industrial sections and their working. Our Special thanks to Mr Nimish Bechara (Raw Material purchasing Manager) for giving the permission to conduct a virtual visit and Mr Haresh Kalariya(Head of Quality Control Department) for guiding us in understanding entire process and becoming a wonderful speaker.

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Department: Mechatronics Engineering