Enchanting Entrepreneurship


Department of Information Technology, G H Patel College of Engineering and Technology (GCET), Vallabh Vidyanagar, in association with Incubation & Entrepreneurship Development Cell (IEDC), organized an event “Enchanting Entrepreneurship”, which was conducted and coordinated by Prof. Mittal Darji on 6th March, 2020 from 9.15 AM to 10.30 AM at SFL-2 lab of IT department. This event was specially organized for the students of Information Technology Department who registered themselves for activities specifically organized to develop entrepreneurial skills in students. Total 16 students actively attended this event.

The idea is to organize a series of activities for interested students of IT department which can help them enhance the skills required to pursue a successful start-up. Under this series, first session was conducted by Prof. Mittal Darji in which a pitching group activity was carried out. Each group of students was given a domain and students had to come up with an innovative business idea in that domain. Students prepared and presented their idea which must cover already given criteria.

As a conclusion, students shared what they learnt from the activity. This session was conducted with the motive to improve innovative thinking, communication and team work abilities in students.

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Department: Information Technology