Introductory session on GUI with Java

        The CSI Student branch at G. H. Patel College of Engineering and Technology(GCET) and Computer Engineering Department (GCET) organized introductory session on “GUI with Java” on 7th February, 2020.The session was organized for third and fourth year students of Computer Engineering and Information Technology Department. It was conducted by Prof. Priyanka Israni. Many second year students also attended the session.The session started with Prof. Priyanka Israni describing the what is GUI in Java with the help of Swing. She explained the code and showed the implementation for better understanding. She also described how to create a basic form using NetBeans, how to connect database and to insert images in the form by connecting it to the database using Java. It was a very helpful session for all the students as it helped them to understand how they can improve the graphical user interface in their applications. Not only 3rd year students but also 2nd year students got some idea about working of GUI.

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Department: Computer Engineering