SIG on Robotics

        SIG started with the basic introduction to the term Robotics and its applications in day to day life. The students were asked to interact with their basic knowledge & expectations about the field. After that a brief introduction about the building blocks of robotics were introduced which mainly includes of the knowledge base required for the design and operation of Robotic systems. Topics like Dynamic System modelling & analysis, Feedback Control, Sensors & signal conditioning, Actuators and power electronics, Hardware interfacing & computer programming.After that a complete introduction regarding all the systems of robotics, the students were informed that they’ll be building a Voice Controlled Obstacle Avoiding Robot and the student members will teach them to do so. All the basic knowledge and technics related to designing a robot like that were discussed thoroughly which included the actuators, sensors, Arduino and its types several other peripherals. The students were then taught how to program a robot in Arduino IDE and all the tips & tricks were highly appreciated by the students.The SIG ended with a quick testing session and a positive feedback was given by the students.

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Department: International Society of Automation