An Industrial Visit at Bharat Rasayan Ltd, Dahej.

        An Industrial Visit to Bharat Rasayan Ltd. (BRL), located at Dahej, Gujarat, was organized by the chemical department of G H Patel College of Engineering & Technology on Monday 20th January, 2020. 28 students with Prof. Endrick Contractor and Ashok Gajera visited BRL, to interact with the chemical industry regarding the current scenario of manufacturing of various fertilizers, types of fertilizers, etc. Students and the industrial higher authorities were also interacting, and the students were eager to ask various questions. In the Morning at 11:30 am we reached to BRL. All the students then headed to the training center room regarding safety instructions by the higher authorities of BRL, where they also gave us the brief introduction of Bharat Rasayan Ltd. All the students then divided into two groups for the visit with an industry person per group. They took us to various plants and laboratories like ETP, Pump house, R&D Lab., Control Room, etc. They gave us the knowledge of the Agitated Nutch Filter. They also demonstrated us the working of hose pipe and its nozzles in case of any fire emergency. Some students from each batch were also asked to run the hose pipe at 2 kg/cm2 pressure. At about 2:00 pm our visit was almost complete and we had lunch in the canteen of the industry. After that we had a Question & Answer session with the higher authorities and with the director of the BRL, Dahej. They guided and motivated us in the field of chemical engineering.

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Department: Chemical Engineering