The project exhibition INDRA-9 “India’s Next Development by Renewable Energy and astronomy -9”

        INDRA-9 organized on 4th May, 2019. The inaugural of the project exhibition began with the ribbon cutting ceremony witnessing the presence of the three dignitaries, Dr.Himanshu Soni, Dr.Hardik Pathak, and the faculty members of AS&H department. In the program first session was on Physics Project Exhibition that was jointly organised by IAS-PES joint chapter and IEEE GCET SB. It was co-sponsored by Student Startup & Innovation Policy. The exhibition was followed by a seminar. The project exhibition was restricted to four branches that include CP, IT, EC and EE. Total no. of projects: 43, Total no. of participants: 207 Mr.Darshanlal, retired Air Force officer accompanied by Mr.Amit Magnani, Vice President Sales for Claro Energy Pvt. Ltd. were invited as the jury, to inspire and motivate the young minds. The judges were happy to see the hard work and efforts put by the students. The projects in the exhibition were: Tesla coil, smart traffic detector system, automatic soil irrigation, smart dustbin, self balancing bot and laser light security alarm to name a few. It helped the students to gain a lot of knowledge other than their regular curriculum and also taught them the importance of working in a team. In second session, The seminar commenced with a speech given by Prof.Rohit Bhatt. He explained the importance of renewable energy sources in our day to day life and also a lesson of life that “one cannot get through a single day, without having impact on the world”. Subsequently, Mr. J B Acharya gave his views on “Future of Solar Energy for Development of Nation” and enlightened the students with his wise words. The Award winning projects were: • Single axis solar tracker • Dual axis solar tracker • Automatic irrigation system • Physioelectric shoes • Colour separator • Self - balancing bot • Automation in rooftop farming • Solar powered tank
Department: Applied Science & Humanities