Industrial visit to Klöckner DESMA Machinery Pvt. Ltd

        On the 25th of February, we had organised an industrial visit to Klöckner DESMA Machinery Pvt. Ltd, Ahmedabad which is basically into making of injection moulding machines for rubber and silicon and also TCO solutions and various other industrial application sectors. The visit started at around 3:30 pm. First we started our visit with the machining section where we saw the different machines like the VMC (Vertical Machining Component), CMM for measuring various workpieces etc. Then we went through the assembly section where we saw the different sections of the moulding machine being assembled and finally completed for delivery as per the customer’s order. Finally, as a good gesture from the company we were given some snacks and tea. We had an amazing and very informative experience visiting the company and we are very thankful to the company for allowing us to visit the industry and explaining all the different machines and the solutions they provide. The company is mastered in producing rubber and silicone moulded parts which reliably seal up, dampen, connect, fix, insulate or protect etc. They specialize in products for industrial applications, automotive, transportation industries, light rail, household appliances and medical applications. Overall it was a very fruitful visit to the company for all the students.

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Department: Mechatronics Engineering