Modernization of mass transfer lab by upgradation of important existing equipments


Carrying out experiments in the laboratory on various smaller module set?ups are perhaps the best ways of placing the students? understanding of the theoretical basics of the subject on a solid foundation. To that end the modernization of the mass transfer laboratory will be of significant impacts. The Modernization of the laboratory has not only helped remove the obsolescence of the laboratory it would also enrich the practical learning experience of the chemical engineering students thereby enhancing the overall teaching learning process. Pervaporation is another fast developing technology. Separation of water alcohol mixture can be accomplished using a pervaporation system. The set up of pervaporation will enable the students to have a practical exposition of an advanced separation process. The same equipments will also be used for carrying out several experimental projects, for UG and PG students. Up-gradation of the existing equipments will allow the students to have access to advanced and more reliable practical experiences.

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Project Info

  • Principal Investigator:
    Dr. Kaushik Nath
  • Co Investigator
  • Duration
    1 Years
  • Amount
    Rs .1165000
  • Funding Agency
    All India Council of Technical Education
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