Computational Investigation of Dynamic Characteristics of Carbon Nanotubes for Atomic Scale Sensing of Objects


With the emerging field of nanotechnology, there seems a greater need than ever to be able to carry out computational simulations. This is because the material and devices related to the nanotechnology are often on the atomic scale and thus extremely difficult and costly to fabricate and manipulate. With the availability of highly computational facility and improvements in theoretical method, algorithm and finite element techniques, the capability of simulation has greatly expended. Hence, the main objective of the project includes: Mathematical Modelling and dynamic analysis of multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes for sensing of biological objects, Nonlinear Dynamic analysis of multiwalled carbon nanotube based mass sensor, Atomic Finite element Modeling of Carbon nanotubes for predicting the effect of defects like atomic vacancies, stone waals defect and pinhole defect existing in Carbon nanotubes on the dynamic characteristics .

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Project Info

  • Principal Investigator:
    Dr. Anand Y Joshi
  • Co Investigator
  • Duration
    3 Years
  • Amount
    Rs .1884000
  • Funding Agency