Health diagnosis based of human wrist pulse signals has been in practice since centuries in India, China and other parts of the world. This approach of health diagnosis is based on examination of three wrist pulse palpations over radial arteries. This approach is simple, cheap and non-invasive in nature and has shown successful results for the correct health diagnosis according to ancient Indian Medicine literature formally known as Ayurveda. Identification of appropriate pulse pressure sensors and utilization of them in the form of a pulse recording and monitoring system can be really helpful for providing simple and cheaper option of health diagnosis. The characteristics of wrist pulse signals can be studied in correlating patients health status as well. This kind of system can further be utilized to train Ayurvedic doctors to understand the three pulse signals Vata, Pitta and Kapha and their characteristics in unhealthy conditions. A wrist pulse monitoring and recording system is proposed that can acquire the wrist pulse signals and record them in memory card. An appropriate pulse pressure sensor is to be utilized and signal conditioning circuit needs to be interfaced with pressure sensor. A microcontroller with multiple channels Analog to Digital Convertor needs to be interfaced for the acquisition of wrist pulse signals. A color graphics LCD with touch screen capability is required for the monitoring of wrist pulse signals. The acquired wrist pulse signals are recorded in to the memory card for off line processing.

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Project Info

  • Principal Investigator:
    Dr. Bhaskar Thakkar
  • Co Investigator
    Mr. RahulGoradia, Mr. Prem Balani
  • Duration
    2 Years
  • Amount
    Rs .500000
  • Funding Agency
    Gujarat Council on Science and Technology ( Dept. of Science and Technology Govt. of Gujarat)
  • bhaskarthakkar@gcet.ac.in
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