Electric Vehicle Technologies

About Course

Electric vehicle revolution is gaining a stronger ground all over the world and most automobile companies are pledging to switch to electric vehicles, a cleaner and sustainable E-mobility system. Due to advancements in electric vehicle technology and infrastructure, we can expect usage of electric vehicle to grow. Hence, high requirement of skilled workforce in manufacturing for the transition to this environment friendly e-mobility technology is required. Looking to the need of industries, this course is designed to equip students with multidisciplinary expertise in design, analysis, control and operation of electric vehicles.

About Faculty:

Target Audience:

All students of CVM University During 2nd and 3rd year of graduation study. Enrollment will be restricted for the students based on the program (degree) they are studying.

Duration:56 Hour


Module No Topic No Content
1 1 Brief history of electric vehicles, Role of electric vehicles in the energy transition
1 2 Basics of electric vehicles and charging technology, Types of electric vehicles and its working
1 3 Electric and hybrid vehicle technology, Powertrain in electric vehicles
1 4 Case studies on Electric Vehicle Technologies (Industry Expert Talks / Industry Visits)
2 1 Fundamentals of power electronics,Power switching devices
2 2 Buck convertor, Boost convertor, Rectifier and inverters
2 3 Fundaments of electric propulsion systems and its control DC motor drives Induction motor drives Permanent magnet drives Switch reluctance motor drives
2 4 Case studies (Industry Expert Talks / Industry Visits)
3 1 Storage technologies for EV, Battery working principles, Battery losses Li-ion batteries
3 2 Battery pack and battery management system, Super capacitor based energy storage and its analysis Charging technology of EVs AC charging - Type 1,2,3 DC charging - Chademo, Tesla, CCS
3 3 Fast charging and its limitations Smart charging and applications Vehicle to grid (V2G) technology Future trends in electric vehicles
3 4 Case studies (Industry Expert Talks / Industry Visits)
4 1 Review of prototype development at various stages