Dr. Smita B. Joshi

Dr. Hemant Thakker

Dr. Ritesh Patel

Solar Photo voltaic Energy

About Course

The solar energy course for beginners will include theory and Lab sessions in which solar simulator and spectral response meter will be explained and hands on experiment will be conducted in the lab sessions. Students will be able to analyze the results and understand the parameters affecting the efficiency of solar cell. The course will also cover material selection and design aspects of solar energy devices. The course outcome will be the beneficial to students in project work and in course of Renewable Energy Engineering offered in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering curriculum.

About Faculty:

Target Audience:

Students of 1st and 2nd semester of all branches final year students of electrical and Mechanical B

Duration:12 Hour


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1 Solar Simulator, Frequency Response of Solar Spectrum
2 Lab session with Results and Discussion
3 Theory content
4 Summary of Audit course - Test