Dolly Parikh

UX Design and Design Thinking

About Course

Young adults these days are more informed and connected than ever before, and a vast majority do not want to be the passive spectators watching their future being shaped based on "this is how it has always been done" mentality. This course will deep dive on teaching them the design thinking methodology illustrating to them how they can be the designers of the future they are going to live in irrespective of the line of the profession they choose.

About Faculty:

Dolly is a Design Consultant and Coach living in the Bay Area Silicon Valley. Currently, she is a User Experience Design Strategist for Hyperloop Transportation Technologies and Medallia. In the past she has worked with Apple, PayPal, E/*TRADE, Automation Anywhere and her design firm, Aloki supports many other companies providing ongoing design support.

She has experience supporting business and organizations of various sizes to deliver product and service solutions using processes

Target Audience:

All UG PG Students and faculties of all the discipline

Duration:14 Hour


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1 Discover & Research
  • Introduction to User Experience
  • Form multi-disciplinary groups of 5, choose a challenge/problem
  • What is Competitive Analysis?
  • Identify the Individual and Market Trends affecting the domain of your choice
  • Identify the stakeholders
Independent Exercise - Conduct user research and interviews to drive your design process, and compile a competitive analysis to identify your target market. Submit your in
2 Synthesis & Define
  • Identify your Target Audience
  • Create User Persona
  • Generate Empathy Map
  • Articulate a Problem Statement
Independent Exercise - Submit your Persona, Empathy Map, Problem Statement to Google Drive.
3 Design & Prototype
  • Generate quick ideas
  • Create Mind Maps
  • Analyze the impact and benefits of various solutions
  • Model the Experience Offering
Independent Exercise - Create a Mind-Map of various solutions and the required resources and impact to the end user and upload to Google Drive. Instructor check-in during office hours.
4 Prototype & Test
  • Narrow down on one solution
  • Create User Journey Map
  • Create Lo-Fi prototype
  • Fail Fast
  • Overview of Usability Testing
Independent Exercise - Create Prototype(s). Create a test plan and execute. Post findings in Google Drive.
5 Refine & Develop
  • Validate your design/solution with users, and improve it by incorporating their feedback
  • Create a Solution/Offering Statement
  • Presentation skills
  • Time management
Independent Exercise - Work on final presentation
6 Present
  • Each team presentation should include - Problem Statement, Solution Statement and User Experience Journey Map
Follow-up Exercise - Feedback form to be submitted on Google Drive.