A Coding competition mainly based on C Language to test Student's Command over C language. To lure them towards Programming and motivate them for the same. It was Conducted by a student committee formed from 2nd year Students. It consisted of 3 rounds with each round eliminating some students and advancing the students who performed well in every round. Students were asked to participate in a team of two and the competition had a overwhelming response.

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National Conference on Recent Advances in Computer Science and Technology(RACST)-2016 is aimed to gather the academia with a common interest and exchange the most cutting-edge ideas in the field of Computer Science & Technology. It was a two day event with a total 6 expert lectures and both days having technical sessions.

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A General Quiz organized by CSI GCET SB. It consisted of two rounds. Students participated in teams of two. First Round were the prelims and consisted of 15 questions. 6 best teams were selected which entered the second and final round. The mains had total 3 rounds. The questions used in the quiz spanned various genres like Technology, Business, Entertainment, Current Affairs,
Literature, etc. 

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Trips and Tricks for Competitive Coding(Tnt) is a Seminar to teach the students how to code faster for coding competition. The topics covered in this seminar were Introduction to competitive programming, algorithms and its analysis, and useful hacks in C++. The students were also given tips for program optimisation, solutions for common errors and useful codes for common programming problems.

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