Every year 15th September is celebrated as ‘Engineers’ Day’ all over India; to commemorate the birth of Sir M. Visvesvaraya, who is regarded as the first engineer of India. The theme for this year’s celebrations was: ‘DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION: AN INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION.’ This is a very important topic considering the advancements in the digitalization of various fields; even where at first it didn’t look like it would happen. As a part of these celebrations, ASME Student Section of G. H. Patel College of Engineering & Technology organizes a mini tech-fest EXODIA every year. This year there were around 172 to-be-engineers who participated in the various events as a part of the celebrations. Going ahead with the theme mentioned before Dr. Sohil Pandya, Head-MCA Dept., SVIT, Vasad was invited to share his expertise and knowledge on the theme topic. We also had, Mr. Dhruv Apte, a student studying in 4th year Mechanical Engineering at our college who shared his experience on digitalization.

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Department: American Society of Mechanical Engineers