GCET ASME Student Section organizes a mini-tech fest every year to mark the importance of technology which has helped the world to advance to such a great level. Newer, better technologies are changing the world constantly and are making it a better place to live in. Engineers are the ones who are driving the change. The things which were thought to be impossible before are now being used by people in their day to day life. While humans have made significant progress in sectors like telecommunications, food processing, transportation, space, etc. newer challenges in terms of automation, robotics, and environmental degradation are coming up. Today’s engineer must not only be innovative but he must also be sensitive to the environmental impacts etc. Automation is something that is going to be a part of everyone’s lives in a few years. A world dominated by human-controlled robots is not far off. Not only can they perform the task in a better manner, but the robots can also be used in extremely dangerous tasks to achieve accurate results. Keeping all these things in mind, this year’s theme was ‘HUMANOIDS’. Humanoids are the robots which look like humans and are able to perform herculean tasks earlier performed by humans with relative ease. This year more than 200 to-be engineers from all the engineering undergraduate courses of GCET participated in this tech-fest. There were 5 events in total- 3 technical and 2 non-technical. The technical events tend to test a student’s scientific temperament as well as look at the creative side- both of which are essential for a good engineer.

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Department: American Society of Mechanical Engineers