Industrial visit to Grasim Industries

        An industrial visit was organised on 9 th Sep 2019 to Epoxy division of Grasim Chemicals (A Part of Aditya Birla Group) near Vilayat, Bharuch, Gujarat. A group of 32 Students and Prof. Vivaksha Patel and Prof. Endrick contractor and Mr Ashok Gajera of chemical engineering department took part in the visit. The group reached to the industry at around 11:30 a.m. On arrival, refreshments were provided after which the students were taken to the conference room. There, the presentations were delivered by the Unit Head which mainly focused on industrial safety and basic operations carried out in the industry. The main raw materials used for the production of Epoxy Resin are ECH (ethylene chloro-hydrin) and BPA (bisphenol-A). The plant runs on power supplied by the centralised station located in the industry itself. Then the students were taken to the main control room of the plant and the control systems were briefed. After which students were provided with lunch. The outline of the chemical reaction is that it is a two-step addition reaction and the rest of the stages are for product separation and solvent (Toluene) recovery. The main products of the industry include Liquid Epoxy Resins (LER), Reactive diluents (RD), Adhesive Resins and Solid Resins. At the end of the day students found the visit very informative and one which provided practical knowledge. The group returned to the college campus at around 5:40 p.m.

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Department: Chemical Engineering