Expert lecture on “Further studies in abroad”

        An Alumni talk conducted on 2nd January,2019 by the Department of Mechatronics provided an opportunity for students to collect valuable information from the past students about various career tracks. The intimate session included small-group discussions where students were encouraged to ask questions about pursuing a master’s degree abroad. The alumni invited were Harsh Dhanesha, Rujul Desai, Nishant Shah and Rishi Khajuriwala. In this meet, Dr. Sanket Bhavsar (Head of the department) delivered welcome speech and opened the stage for discussion. Harsh Dhanesha was a part of 2012-2015 Batch and is currently pursuing his masters from Technische Universitat Hamburg, Germany. His specialization lies within the development of Intelligent Systems. Rujul Desai of 2012-2015 batch was also present sharing his views and advices regarding need of an advanced degree. He also shared his work and experiences in the field of Imaging Science from RIT, USA. Additionally, two of our past students joined us from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA. Nishant Shah, presently pursuing MS in Robotics with specialization in Navigation & Motion Planning and Rishi Khajuriwala, pursuing MS in Robotics with application in Medical Devices. The main aim of the meet was to discuss the present scenario of attending master’s degree abroad in the developing countries like Germany, USA and Canada. The session also discussed about the importance of the Final year project in the profile evaluation. The overall aspect of profile for MS degree were also looked into i.e. projects, Statement of purpose, Softwares, CGPA. Attaining a master’s degree is the one step taken towards achieving one’s academic goals. The talk was treasured with various career opportunities during and after master’s degree. They also discussed about the cost of living, bagging an internship and various assistantships available on-campus. Very useful tips were given by these alumni to students which will definitely have long term impact on their life. This guidance will help students to build up their pathway for an advanced degree. Finally, vote of thanks was delivered by Prof. Saurin Sheth.

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Department: Mechatronics Engineering